Do we have to put up with pain?

If we have seen many practitioners, undergone multiple tests, been given exercises to follow and we are still in pain, we start to believe that we are beyond help and that this pain that we experience and the limitations it brings are forever. This may lead to frustration, hopelessness and depression. However, good hands on therapy can be very effective in dealing with long-term pain. Hands have been healers since the beginning of time. They can learn to be sensitive to blockages and dysfunction in a body and can nudge the body in the direction it needs to heal. The following are important to remember if you are in pain and you have seen multiple practitioners and are ready to give up:

Pain is not normal and can be dealt with.

There are many pathways to dealing with pain and yours is unique

Skillfull, hands on therapy can help with pain relief, healing and maintenance.

The body functions as a whole, mind/body medicine is the most effective way towards healing.

There are other pathways that may help healing such as diet, exercise, counselling and vitamin supplementation.

What conditions can my physiotherapy help with?

Upper and lower back pain

Acute and chronic pain associated with back injury, disc degeneration and herniation, stiffness and poor posture

Facet joint pain.

Facet joint pain is sharp and breathtaking especially when twisting. Holistic physiotherapy can help free up the facet joints.


Lower back pain 

Including discogenic pain from bulges and degeneration

Shoulder pain and stiffness

Shoulders need a balance of muscles, joints and ligaments to be pain free. Over conditioning in the gym of the pectoral muscles can lead to impingement leading to inflammation and pain. Holistic physiotherapy brings balance to the structures around the shoulder.

Pain and stiffness from Scoliosis

upper and lower back stiffness from scoliosis can be minimized by regular joint mobilization. Pain is concentrated at the apex of the curves especially if you don’t stretch and stay mobile.

Post natal stiffness

Your body is tired and stiff in the postnatal period. There maybe issues with the pelvic floor, back pain and recovery after cesarean. Holistic physiotherapy can release scar tissue resulting from a cesarean, release upper back and neck pain from frequent bending and cuddling and help balance the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic and Lower back pain in pregnancy

Osteopathy can help with maintaining the alignment of the pelvis and lower back in pregnancy thus reducing pain and assisting with optimal positioning of your baby in labour.


Knee pain

Knee pain can originate from a sports injury that can lead to arthritis. Arthroscopies are ineffectual and can make the problem worse. Working on the imbalances of the feet and hips can help the knees.

Rib pain

Over winter I have many clients after flu and pneumonia that have painful ribs from coughing. Rib pain also comes from trauma, sports and poor posture. Many techniques in holistic physiotherapy can address this.

Headaches and migraines

These can be caused by neck misalignment, decrease in cranial bone motion and venous compression. Osteopathic techniques can help with these.

Neck pain from whiplash and computer posture

Has long lasting effects if not dealt with and can lead to neck stiffness and pain.
Neck pain neck pain is incredibly common because of the amount of time we spend gazing at a screen. This leads to a chronically forward head posture and a stiff upper back. Holistic physiotherapy balances the muscles at the front and back of the neck.

Tennis/ golf elbow

Tennis/ golf elbow involves the tendons of the elbow. Correct alignment can help reduce pain.

Sports injuries

Many and varied. Trauma can be successfully dealt with holistic physiotherapy

Shoulder tendonitis and frozen shoulder

These conditions are hard to treat but respond well to the techniques of visceral osteopathy.

Urinary urgency and incontinence

Visceral manipulation can help with urinary incontinence

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