“I first came to see Vanessa after a car accident 2 years ago. My body was injured and so was my mental state; I was in tears in her office quite a few times. Vanessa is so amazing at what she does and 2 years on, my mind and body is stronger and more capable than it was before the accident. She has taught me so much about acceptance, overcoming injury and self-compassion along the way. I am so grateful to have found Vanessa when I did and have recommended her to all my friends and family. Thank you Vanessa, you have truly made such a big difference to my quality of life”.

Deni Cooper 2019-11-19

After surgery I attended nine conventional physiotherapy sessions to try and relieve my chronic back pain, which only provided very temporary relief each time. I then started looking for alternative treatments to manage my pain.
A colleague at work suggested Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy as an option and I was lucky enough to get an appointment. I was surprised with the comprehensive assessment that Vanessa did on my first visit and also that I did not leave there all bruised and sore from the treatment.
I was initially a little sceptic that this might not work, because compared to my experiences from other physiotherapy and myotherapy, the treatments was much less forceful.
But after only 3 sessions with Vanessa, I was able to stop taking my daily slow release Tramadol tablets and only had to manage ad hoc pain with Panadeine Forte. Now I no longer need Endone to sleep through the night and was able to return to work fulltime after only 4 treatments!
I will continue to see Vanessa as needed or when my SI joint acts up again, but I am no longer depressed, taking pain medication or struggling to sleep.
I thought I would never be able play games with my three boys or participate in sport again, but I am already running short distances and trying to rebuild my base fitness.
I am grateful to Sam for recommending Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy.
Anton Van Rensberg 2018

Vanessa’s physio service and superior knowledge are amazing, really different to any physio I have experienced. Apart from her knowledge I think Vanessa has a high sense of natural ability or intuition and can identify issues by her own observations and analysis and then is able to treat the issue. I feel much better when I have been treated and results are apparent as I have greater mobility and less or no pain. She has also given me simple and effective exercises to work to prevent issues .
Jacqueline Nelson 2018

I was in such pain before I went to Vanessa. I felt twisted and unable to move freely. As a full time performer who needs to dance, I was finding that the state of my body was inhibiting my work and getting in the way during rehearsals. After one session with Vanessa, I could move more freely, my pain had released and I finally felt my feet flat on the floor and that I was more in my body and balanced. After my second session, my body was back to normal. I am performing full time in a show now and feel like my body is working for me rather than against me. I would HIGHLY recommend Vanessa’s treatments not only as a cure for pain but to be used for regular maintenance as a preventative.
Michaela Burger 2019

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