Yoga FAQ’s

Answers & Tips for Your Yoga Journey

Vanessa Shribman Iyengar Yoga

What is yoga?

Yoga is a comprehensive practice that blends physical postures, controlled breathing, and meditation. It aims to improve flexibility, strength, and balance while enhancing mental and emotional well-being, promoting relaxation, and reducing stress. 

What are the key benefits of practising Iyengar Yoga?

Practising Iyengar Yoga offers numerous health benefits, including increased flexibility, greater strength, improved posture, and enhanced mental clarity. Its emphasis on precise alignment also aids in the therapeutic aspects of yoga, helping to alleviate various ailments and chronic conditions.

What types of yoga classes are offered at Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy?

Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy offers a range of yoga classes, including specialised Iyengar Yoga and targeted courses for pregnancy and back injury. Each class is designed to meet different fitness levels and personal health needs, providing personalised attention to ensure maximum benefit.

What should I expect in an intermediate Iyengar Yoga class?

Intermediate Iyengar Yoga classes build on the basics with more complex postures and sequences, introducing inversions and backbends. These classes challenge students to deepen their practice while maintaining strict attention to form and alignment.

Can yoga classes be personalised to fit individual needs?

Absolutely, yoga classes at Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy can be personalised. Instructors are skilled in adapting yoga classes to the needs of individual students, whether adjusting for physical limitations, injuries, or specific health concerns. 

How can I book a yoga class, and what are the pricing options?

Booking a class is easy through their website or by contacting Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy directly. We offer a range of pricing options, including single classes, multi-class passes, and membership plans to accommodate different needs and budgets.

What should I bring to my yoga class?

Students should bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothing for movement, and a water bottle. Props needed for Iyengar Yoga, like blocks and straps, are provided at the studio.

Where is the nearest car park to the yoga studio in Footscray?

Convenient parking is available near the Footscray studio, with several car parks within walking distance. This makes it easy for students to access the studio without worrying about parking issues.

Can I join pregnancy yoga classes at any stage of my pregnancy?

Yes, you can start attending pregnancy yoga classes at any point in your pregnancy. The instructor are skilled at modifying exercises to accommodate all trimesters, ensuring safety and comfort.

Are there any special preparations needed to attend a pregnancy yoga class?

It’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothing and bring water to stay hydrated during the classes.

Who is yoga suitable for?

Yoga at Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy is designed for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or health condition. We offer specialised classes tailored for young people, older adults, pregnant women, and those with specific health concerns.

How does Iyengar Yoga differ from other forms of yoga?

Iyengar Yoga is distinct in its rigorous focus on alignment and precision in postures. It extensively uses props like blocks and straps to help all practitioners achieve the correct form without risk of injury, making it accessible and beneficial for everyone regardless of their physical condition.

Who is yoga suitable for?

Yoga at Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy is designed for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or health condition. We offer specialised yoga classes tailored for young people, older adults, pregnant women, and those with specific health concerns. Each class focuses on poses and movements adjusted to meet the needs and capabilities of different groups, ensuring a safe and beneficial practice for all participants.

Who is the beginner's yoga class designed for?

The beginner’s yoga class is perfect for those new to yoga or looking to refine their fundamentals. It focuses on introducing basic postures and breathing techniques, ensuring students develop a solid foundation in yoga practice in a supportive environment.

Is yoga beneficial for back pain?

Yes, yoga can be highly beneficial for back pain. Iyengar Yoga, emphasising alignment and correct posture, can help strengthen back muscles and improve spinal alignment, significantly alleviating discomfort and enhancing spinal health.

Who teaches the yoga classes at Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy?

Our Iyengar Yoga classes in West Footscray are led by Vanessa Shribman, a qualified, experienced holistic physiotherapist, Senior teacher and 34-year veteran of Iyengar Yoga.

Do you offer discounts for purchasing multiple classes?

Yes, Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy offers discounted rates for bulk-class purchases. Buying multiple classes at once can significantly reduce the cost per session, making it an economical option for regular attendees.

Are private yoga sessions available?

Private sessions are available and ideal for those seeking one-on-one attention to refine their practice, address specific health concerns, or accommodate busy schedules that require more flexible class timing.

How does pregnancy yoga support prenatal and postnatal health?

Pregnancy yoga focuses on safe and beneficial poses for prenatal and postnatal women. It enhances flexibility, strength, and circulation and includes breathing techniques particularly useful during labour and delivery.

What specific exercises are included in pregnancy yoga classes?

Pregnancy yoga includes gentle stretching, focused breathing, and postures designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and alleviate common pregnancy discomforts like back pain and fatigue.

What qualifications do the yoga instructors have?

The yoga instructors at Melbourne Holistic Physiotherapy are professionally trained and certified with extensive experience in Iyengar Yoga and prenatal yoga practices.