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Iyengar Yoga Classes

Unwind. Strengthen. Transform.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellbeing with Iyengar Yoga, where strength, precision and mindfulness merge to allow healing from within. 

Vanessa Shribman Iyengar Yoga

Beginners Iyengar Yoga Class

Lay the foundation for your Iyengar yoga practice and learn 25 key poses to build strength and flexibility. – New Beginner’s course starts on Saturday July 20th from 9.30-10.30am.

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Intermediate / Advanced Yoga Class

Challenge your limits and deepen your practice as you refine your alignment & explore more advanced poses.

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Yoga For Back Pain / Therapeutic Yoga Class

Find relief and restore balance with specialised yoga classes designed to help alleviate pain & assist recovery.

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Pregnancy Yoga Course

Nurture your body and prepare for your new baby with gentle and effective prenatal yoga practices +bonus couples session. – 8 Week Pregnancy Course starts July 19th from 5.30-7pm. Fee $200



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Pranayama Yoga Course

Cultivate inner peace with guided, mindful breathing practices to reduce stress, enhance focus and unlock deeper states of relaxation. – Next course date tba

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Iyengar Yoga Class Pricing

To make our Iyengar yoga classes more accessible and cost-effective we offer both casual prices and discounted pre-paid yoga class passes. Yoga class passes offer discounts of between 11-25% from casual class prices, and are available in blocks of 5, 10 or 20 classes.

Casual Yoga Class


Iyengar Yoga

  • Single Use
  • No Commitment
  • Attend any Yoga Class

5 Yoga Class Pass


Iyengar Yoga

  • Only $23 per class
  • 7 Week Expiry
  • Attend any Yoga Class

10 Yoga Class Pass


Iyengar Yoga

  • Only $20 per class
  • 13 Week Expiry
  • Can be used for single or couples

20 Yoga Class Pass


Iyengar Yoga

  • Only $19 per class
  • 13 Week Expiry
  • Attend any Yoga Class

8 Week Pranayama Yoga Course


Iyengar Yoga

  • Only $15 per class
  • Valid for 8 weeks
  • Pranyama Course Classes Only

8 Weeks Pregnancy Yoga Course +Bonus couples session


Iyengar Yoga

  • Only $30 per class
  • Valid for 8 weeks
  • Pregnancy Course Classes Only

Yoga Class Special Offer - in Footscray

Join us for our upcoming 6-week Beginner's Yoga Course start now at 9:30 am on Saturday

Special Offer: Purchase a 6-week pass for the Beginner's Yoga course and attend a second class per week for free on Thursdays at 6pm. Fee $130. Buy pass here

Vanessa Shribman Iyengar Yoga

Yoga Class Information

  • All classes take place at the Body Voice Centre, 50 Wolverhampton St, Footscray – see location
  • Parking is available on Wolverhampton St
  • Equipment is provided but it is preferable to bring your own mat.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and practice in bare feet.
  • Please do not eat directly before the session.
  • Yoga classes and courses are run during term times for ease and convenience
  • Limited yoga classes are available during school holiday periods
  • If you would like more information about our yoga classes or courses please call Vanessa on 0423912452

Yoga Class Passes & Courses

  • Yoga class passes are only valid for yoga classes and can not be used for yoga courses
  • Online booking is recommended to save your spot
  • Class passes are non-refundable
  • You can join any of our yoga courses mid-way through the program and will be charged a pro-rata price.

Yoga Classes & Courses Term 1 2024

Yoga For Backpain / Therapeutic Yoga

  • Thursday 6.00-7.00 pm

Iyengar Yoga – Interemediate / Advanced

  • Thursdays 7.15-8.45 pm and Saturdays at 8 am
  • For students who have completed 6 months of yoga

Beginner’s Yoga

  • Saturdays 9.30-10.30 am
  • Enrol for this class and attend the yoga for back pain/therapeutic for no extra cost - newcomers only

Pregnancy Yoga Course

  • 8 Week Pregnancy Course starts July 19th from 5.30-7pm. 

 Pranayama Yoga Course

  • Saturdays 7.00-7.45 am
  • 8 week course start tba

Why Iyengar Yoga Classes

Iyengar yoga is a progressive yoga practice designed to promote correct alignment and posture whilst building strength and flexibility. Iyengar yoga is different to many other yoga styles as it is heavily focused on alignment and tends to hold poses for much longer. Unlike yoga flow techniques such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Power Yoga where you steadily flow between movements, the sequencing of an Iyengar Yoga allows for more time to be spent in each pose to build strength, stamina and flexibility.

Alignment and Precision

The longer hold of poses in Iyengar Yoga allow students to pay close attention to the alignment of their bodies. This precision is a hallmark of Iyengar Yoga, and the extended duration of each asana (yoga pose) provides the opportunity to refine and adjust the alignment for optimal benefits and safety.

Muscle Strength and Endurance

Longer holds engage muscles more deeply, promoting the development of strength and endurance. This is particularly beneficial for building stability in the muscles surrounding the spine, which can help alleviate and prevent back pain.

Therapeutic Benefits

Iyengar Yoga can be used therapeutically for various health conditions. Holding poses allows individuals to work on specific areas of the body that may be affected by injuries or chronic conditions, promoting healing and rehabilitation.

Increased Flexibility

Holding poses over an extended period encourages the muscles and connective tissues to release tension gradually. This can lead to increased flexibility and improved range of motion over time.

Stress Reduction

The meditative aspect of Iyengar Yoga can contribute to stress reduction. As practitioners learn to stay present in the pose, they may experience a sense of calm and mental clarity.

Mind-Body Awareness

Iyengar Yoga requires focused attention and concentration. This cultivates a heightened sense of awareness, helping students develop a mindful connection between the mind, body and breath.

Yoga Footscray

Yoga Footscray – Yoga Class Types

Iyengar Yoga – Beginners Yoga Class

Start Now. New 6 week Course on Saturdays  at 9.30 am. *Special Offer* sign up for this course and attend Thursday Yoga for Back Pain/ Therapeutic  Course for free.

6 week Beginner’s starts on Saturday July 20th from 9.30-10.30am.

Our Beginner’s Iyengar Yoga classes are suitable for those who are new to yoga or those are coming back to yoga after a long period of absence. Beginners Yoga classes focus on posture and alignment to create a strong foundation from which to build your practice. Over the course of the term Vanessa will guide you through 25 foundational Iyengar Yoga poses designed to enhance alignment, progressively build strength and flexibility, and boost stamina.

From the foundational standing poses to seated postures and gentle inversions, Vanessa will provide step-by-step guidance and personal adjustments to ensure optimal alignment and the gradual development of strength and flexibility. It’s important for beginners to start with shorter holds and gradually increase the duration as they become more comfortable and experienced.

Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to deepen your practice, our Beginner’s Iyengar Yoga program offers a supportive and structured approach to cultivate a strong foundation for your journey towards holistic wellbeing.

Iyengar Yoga – Intermediate / Advanced

Thursdays at 7.15 pm and Saturdays at 8.00 am

This is one of our most popular classes and anyone who has completed at least 6 months of yoga is welcome to join. Included in general classes are intermediate and advanced yoga practices, Vanessa can modify moves to suit yoga practitioners with injuries. Classes cover a variety of different yoga poses each with its own specific benefits.

Our Iyengar yoga classes in Footscray, use the power of focused breathwork and precise alignment to build your flexibility, strength and balance. Under Vanessa’s guidance, you’ll receive expert instruction on the correct alignment for each pose, ensuring you learn the proper techniques. Our Iyengar yoga classes are designed to be progressive, where each move seamlessly leads to the next, allowing you to gradually master more increasingly challenging poses.

Iyengar Yoga – Yoga For Back Pain / Therapeutic Yoga Class

Start Now. Thursdays  at 6.00 pm *Special Offer* sign up for this course and attend Saturday Beginner’s Course for free.

Our yoga for back pain / therapeutic yoga classes are a slow-paced gentle yoga class for people who are suffering from upper or lower back pain or recovering from illness or injury. Therapeutic yoga is particularly well-suited for those recuperating from surgery, navigating the challenges of cancer recovery, or managing chronic conditions like MS and acute back pain.

If you suffer from constant niggling back pain or are dealing with an injury and looking for a safe and professionally supervised way to reintroduce movement into your life, this class is designed with you in mind.

We understand that you may be apprehensive or anxious about joining a class for fear of reaggravating the injury, but our yoga for back pain / therapeutic yoga classes these specialised classes use modified poses tailored to suit your unique condition. As an experienced physiotherapist, Vanessa knows and understands how to safely mobilise the joints and which muscle groups to target to help aid recovery.

Therapeutic yoga offers a deliberate and gradual journey, focused on building safe movement patterns to progressively enhance strength and muscle flexibility.

Click here to do a full yoga class for back pain with Vanessa on Youtube.

Iyengar Yoga – Pregnancy Yoga Course

8 Week Pregnancy Course starts July 19th from 5.30-7pm – Cost $200

Our pregnancy yoga classes are designed to cover all stages of pregnancy and prepare participants for a positive birth experience by preparing the mind & body. Please see our pregnancy yoga page for more details. 8 weeks of yoga plus one extended session for you and your partner.

 Pranayama Yoga Course

Saturdays 7-7.45 am 8 weeks yoga course starts tba Cost $120

Pranayama is the art of yoga breathing. Prana means both breath and life energy in Sanskrit. BKS Iyengar stated, “Pranayama, the yogic art of breathing, leads to a control of the emotions which in turn brings stability, concentration and mental poise. Pranayama is a bridge which helps the yoga student to cross From the realm of purely physical development to that of the spirit and forms a crucial stage in her journey towards self-realisation”.

In a world that is stressful, where we are constantly holding our breath, it may be the greatest gift to settle on the yoga mat for 45 minutes and learn to breathe deeply. The classes will help you to explore deeper breathing and breath retention without strain. This helps you to settle the mind and the nervous system. You will notice a difference in your daily life with a regular pranayama practice.

The course is a commitment of 8 weeks. There is no casual attendance. Classes are not transferable to the next course and your regular class pass may not be used for the Pranayama class.
The class is timed so that you can attend the general class, which follows at 8am, or drop by a local café until the 9.30am Beginner’s starts.

Vanessa Shribman Iyengar Yoga

Yoga Footscray, Melbourne, with Vanessa Shribman

Discover Iyengar Yoga With Vanessa Shribman

Our Iyengar Yoga classes in West Footscray are led by Vanessa Shribman, a qualified, experienced holistic physiotherapist and 34-year veteran of Iyengar Yoga. Vanessa, seamlessly merges the art of yoga with her expertise in physiotherapy, creating nourishing and transformative yoga classes where movement becomes medicine.

With Vanessa’s experience and guidance, you’ll explore the depths of Iyengar yoga practice, nurture your body’s innate wisdom and unlock the potential for transformative healing.

Footscray Yoga Studio Welcoming All Levels

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or stepping onto the mat for the first time, our inclusive yoga community in Footscray welcomes people of all levels and abilities. Enjoy a range of different Iyengar yoga classes and expand your practice with specialty yoga courses run throughout the year.

Personalised Yoga Classes

Our yoga classes are designed to be flexible, so all poses can be adapted to suit varying experience levels and modified to address any injuries. Each yoga session commences with a gentle warm-up, progresses through a diverse range of asanas (yoga poses), and concludes with a beautiful relaxing meditation.

Vanessa Melbourne Yoga Classes